Erika’s Acne Journey to Happy, Healthy Skin

Erika’s Acne Journey to Happy, Healthy Skin

Name: Erika

Skin concern: Acne prone skin


Erika’s Acne Skin Journey

Erika reached out to us having had an acne breakout last October and every product she had tried didn’t seem to be making a difference to her skin. Other than the acne breakouts, Erika was also struggling with congested skin and although her skin was breaking out, it felt dry and tight.

Best Treatment Plan for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Erika was prescribed a personalised skincare routine, specifically to address her skin concerns and asked to take pictures of her skin before starting the products, at 3 weeks to check in on the progress and at 6-8 weeks to see the results. Let’s take a look at the routine Erika followed to get her amazing results.

image of products used by Erika

Step 1: Cleanse

For Erika, we decided that as her main concern was breakout prone skin. For this, we have the perfect cleanser for oily skin and that's our Purifying Cleansing Gel. It's the perfect first step in her new routine. Packed full of spot fighting Zinc PCA to mattify the skin and reduce sebum production, soothing chamomile and green tea to reduce inflammation and calm breakouts.

Step 2: Tone

The next step we recommended for Erika’s skincare routine was to add a Toner to her AM and PM routine. As Erika had mentioned that her skin felt dry and tight in certain areas, we recommended our Revitalising Toner with soothing cucumber and Sodium PCA to help hydrate and calm the skin, whilst also containing Vitamin C to brighten.

Often those with breakout and acne prone skin will use face products targeted specifically for oily skin, which can be too harsh on dry, sensitive skin. By mixing and matching products from different systems, each skin concern gets treated by each product in the routine.

Skincare expert tip:

A great tip for this product is to pop it in your bag and reapply to skin throughout the day to give skin a boost of hydration when it feels dry or tight.

Step 3: Serum

One of our hidden gem products is our Calming Serum. This product has been formulated with Walnut Extract which is proven to protect against environmental pollutants, Soothing Phytocomplex which is an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness, swelling and discomfort and Butcher’s broom to soothe and calm irritated skin.

This serum was prescribed to Erika to apply morning and evening as it helps to calm and soothe breakouts whilst reducing any redness and irritation that acne causes the skin.

Another product we highly recommended for Erika’s acne prone skin, was our Overnight Retinol Powerbalm. Retinol is known for its anti-ageing properties but its also a great product for those who suffer from acne and breakouts. Retinol helps to resurface and replenish the skin by promoting healthy skin cell renewal, whilst also helping to exfoliate the skin, releasing dead skin cells which clog pores and cause congestion. By adding our Overnight Retinol Powerbalm into her evening routine, Erika was able to see a visible difference and minimise her breakouts.

Step 4: Moisturise

A myth commonly believed about acne prone skin is that adding further hydration will leave skin feeling oilier and lead to further breakouts. This isn’t the case at all; when skin breaks out and is congested, the skin barrier feels irritated. One of the best ways to soothe the skin’s barrier and help repair it, is by using a lightweight moisturiser in the AM and PM routine.

By adding the Purifying Day Moisturiser to Erika’s routine, she was able to hydrate and protect her skin, as this product has been developed specifically for oily and breakout prone skin types. This light-weight formula formulated with a mattifying complex to regulate sebum production also has an SPF30. Often those with breakout prone skin find that an SPF is too heavy for their skin which is why we have developed a moisturiser with an SPF suitable for those with breakout prone skin.

Erika’s Acne Skincare Journey Before and After

Check out Erika's skincare journey below.

Week 1 & 3 before and after comparison

Erika before and after week 3

Week 1 & 6 before and after comparison

Erika Quote

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