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Revitalising Toner 200ml

A spray toner infused with Vitamin C and Cucumber to brighten, increase skin hydration and soothe skin sensitivity. 

Suitable for
Normal skin (balanced), dry skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin types & redness

    Product details
    Product details

    If you’re looking for a toner for your normal, dry or sensitive skin, our Revitalising Toner is infused with brightening Vitamin C, and works to improve skin hydration to leave your complexion calm and replenished. It has been proven to reduce sun damage, inflammation, and pigmentation by 77% for an even skin tone. 

    As well as Vitamin C to protect against sun damage, this alcohol free toner also features cooling cucumber water – a known anti-inflammatory that works to help reduce redness, alongside Sodium PCA and Pro-Vitamin B5 to deeply moisturise and repair the skin barrier. While its delicate, non-irritating fragrance makes this a joy to use. The ideal toner for balanced/normal, dry and sensitive skin, it will leave your complexion refreshed, soothed and perfectly prepped for moisturiser, which is why it should be an essential part of your skin routine. 


    “We created this product as a go-to for anyone looking for a toner for dry skin, rosacea and other sensitive skin types. A few spritzes on a tired complexion first thing in the morning will leave skin hydrated, brightened and wide awake. It also works as a lovely after-sun treatment to reduce redness and increase skin hydration levels. Having suffered from skin sensitivity myself, I wanted a toner for sensitive skin that really worked – and wasn’t just an optional ‘extra’. I’m so proud of how effective this is – the clinically proven results speak for themselves!” – Shelley Martin, Co-founder SKINICIAN 


    •    96% natural ingredients 

    •    Vegan and cruelty free skincare 

    •    Dermatologically tested 


    Read more about our  sustainability pledge

    Expert tip:  Our Revitalising Toner comes in a spray bottle so you can easily spritz it throughout the day for a boost of hydration without disturbing your makeup


    As a brand, we are keen to avoid questionable ingredients in our formulas. Therefore all of our skincare is paraben free, alcohol free, sulphate free, silicone free, palm oil free, mineral oil free and contains zero toxic chemicals. 

    Revitalising Toner 200ml


    Revitalising Toner 200ml

    Derma Tested

    Revitalising Toner 200ml

    Lightly Fragranced


    Key Ingredients

    Sodium PCA
    Highly effective at increasing skin moisture retention 

    Vitamin C
    Clinically proven to reduce skin damage caused by sun exposure and reduce pigmentation by 77% 

    An anti-inflammatory that will soothe irritated, delicate skin  

    Pro-Vitamin B5
    heals and deeply moisturises the skin 



    Aqua (Water) Eau),Glycerin (moisturising), Propylene Glycol (hydrating), Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), Panthenol (pro vitamin B5 - moisturising/soothing), Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate (cleansing), Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium PCA (hydrating), Allantoin (soothing), Citric Acid (anti-oxidant), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C - anti-oxidant/brightening), Sodium Chloride (thickener), Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (firming) , Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract (anti-inflammatory/soothing), PVP (water binding), Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Linalool (natural fragrance), Limonene (natural fragrance / anti-oxidant).



    What is the best way to apply my toner?  

    There are three different ways you can apply your Revitalising Toner. You can: 
    As a facial mist - this is the quickest way to apply the product and will leave your skin feeling refreshed. (You can also apply your product throughout the day this way) 
    Apply using your hands - This application method is suitable for anyone who does not like the sensation of spritzing the skin.  

    With a cotton disk – It is okay to apply your toner on the skin with cotton discs if you prefer however it is important to note that it will waste some product as it will be absorbed by the cotton pads. 

    When should you use a toner in your skin care routine? 

    For best results, we advise using your toner after you double cleanse and before you apply your moisturiser. However, because we like to bring flexibility to your skincare routine, you can also spritz our Revitalising Toner throughout the day to increase skin hydration. 

    What does a facial toner do? And why do I need one? 

    There are some common misunderstandings about toners. These misunderstandings include; toners remove the residue of your cleanser, they correct your skin's pH after cleansing and they close your pores after cleansing. To address these misconceptions, you should only need to remove the residue of your cleanser if it contains occlusive ingredients i.e. ingredients that cannot be washed off the skin. Your cleanser should also be pH balanced to your skin (have a pH between 4-6.) Finally, pores, cannot be opened or closed only dilated or constricted. At SKINICIAN, our cleansers can be washed off the skin easily and are pH balanced. This has allowed us to create toners that are treatments in themselves. Your Revitalising Toner will refresh the skin to leave skin soft, hydrated and any redness soothed. 

    Can I use the SKINICIAN Revitalising Toner over makeup? 

    Yes. Spritzing the Revitalising Toner over your makeup will help to increase skin hydration and leave your makeup and skin looking refreshed. 

    Can I use the Revitalising Toner if I have acne prone skin?  

    Yes, if you have inflamed breakouts our Revitalising Toner can be used to help reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin.  However if you have oily skin, we recommend our  Purifying Toner 


    What is the difference between SKINICIAN’s Revitalising and Purifying Toner? 

    Our  Purifying Toner works to control excess oil production, control breakouts and reduce redness from breakouts. Our Revitalising Toner brightens, increases skin hydration and soothes skin sensitivity. 

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