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  • Luxury Double-Sided Face Cloth & Muslin

    Cleansing & exfoliating 100% cotton face cloth
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  • Luxury Headband

    One size fits all skincare headband to keep hair held back
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  • Rose Quartz Roller

    Tightens skin & reduces puffiness
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Skincare Accessories & Tools

SKINICIAN skincare accessories are the perfect addition to your skincare and will help you achieve the skin results you deserve. Our facial tools have been designed to complement your new or existing skincare regime and are great for when your skin needs an extra boost.

Luxury Double Sided Face Cloth

Upgrade your SKINICIAN cleansing routine with our double-sided cleansing and exfoliating face cloth. One side gently scrubs while the other softer side polishes to leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed, buffed and ready for the next step of your routine.

Luxury Headband

Take your SKINICIAN routine to the next level with our super soft facial headband. Comfortable and adjustable with a velcro strip, this one size fits all headband will keep any stray hairs away from your face while you carry out your morning or nightly skincare regime. It's the ultimate at-home pamper essential.

Rose Quartz Roller

Calm, smooth and sculpt with our dual-ended Quartz Massage Roller. Made with 100% natural Rose Quartz Stone, the roller will brighten, tighten, and reduce puffiness to give your skin a youthful, radiant glow.