What is Mattifying Complex?

Our Mattifying Complex is a combination of Tapioca Starch and Polymethylsilsesquioxane and works by absorbing excess oil and mattifying the skin's complexion. A talc replacement, our mattifying complex consists of natural polymers which can absorb oil whilst avoiding creating a white cast on the skin (something which can be common in products containing SPF.)

It also gives the skin a light, dry and silky after feel which often can’t be achieved by other mattifying ingredients.

Skin benefits of Mattifying Complex

Combat Oiliness
These starches have the ability to mitigate greasiness on the skin to prevent a visible shine on the face

Aluminium free & biodegradable
This ingredient is non-genetically modified and is suitable for sensitive skin

Results visible within 5 mins
Studies have shown that the amount of light reflected off the skin is reduced. Furthermore, our formulation can provide better oil-control results compared with other similar formulas.

Why We Use Mattifying Complex

“We have chosen to include a mattifying complex within the Purifying Day Moisturiser to help combat oily shine, while working alongside hydrators and SPF to give the skin the hydration and protection it needs. We wanted to avoid a white cast that often remains with mattifying or chalky ingredients. It’s the ideal ingredient for those with oily skin, acne and breakout-prone skin.” - Shelley Martin, Co Founder & New Product Development Lead

Mattifying Complex Skincare Products

Who Mattifying Complex Is Best For

Oily, shiny complexions and those who have active breakouts

Before and After Using Mattifying Complex

Take a look at some of our real before and afters taken by customers who used SKINICIAN Purifying Day Moisturiser formulated with Mattifying Complex: