What is Retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that can be found in a multitude of both over the counter and prescription products that help with anti-ageing, acne, and a variety of other skin conditions.

Retinol works by speeding up the rate of cell turnover, which helps the skin to renew itself more quickly, as well as preventing the clogging of pores. This is beneficial for someone, who for example, suffers with acne as retinol helps skin cells to fall off at the correct rate.

Retinol is a regularly used vitamin A derivative in skin care. Our skin converts Retinol into Retinoic Acid as Retinoic Acid is the strongest form of vitamin A and should never be applied directly to the skin. Retinol is not suitable for use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. Derivatives of both retinol and vitamin A are found together in many skin care products, but care should be taken not to layer too many vitamin A derivatives onto the skin at once.

Skin benefits of Retinol

Plumps fine lines and wrinkles
Stimulates growth of dermal proteins, reduces the signs of ageing, and stimulates cell renewal for healthier, smoother skin. With Retinol being a type of vitamin A, it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient, used by many to reduce wrinkles, and improve the look, feel, and function of the skin.

Treats Acne
Retinol is an ingredient that has been used to fight acne for years due to its ability to resurface skin, unclog pores, helps decrease oil production and treat acne causing bacteria. It is also a known anti-inflammatory helping to treat acne and breakouts.

Fades skin pigmentation
Due to its ability for cell renewal, Retinol is the perfect ingredient
to add into your skincare routine to help fade pigmentation.
Hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and acne scarring can all be faded by the use of retinol in your routine.

Why We Use Retinol

“The multifunctional benefits of retinol and peptides are undeniable, and our team has worked hard to ensure our formula harnesses all of its renewing properties to give tired, stressed skin its bounce and radiance back.” - Shelley Martin, Co-Founder & New Product Development Lead

Retinol Skincare Products

Retinol is most commonly found in products such as; cream, lotion, or serum products that can be found in our store. If you have never used Retinol before, it is recommended to start with one of our Retinol skin care products that are perfect for ageing, dry & dehydrated, sensitive, normal/combination and oily

Who Retinol Is Best For

Retinol is best for those concerned with the signs of ageing, dull skin or those suffering from acne and breakout-prone skin.

Things to Consider Before Using Retinol

Retinol needs to be phased into your skincare routine slowly so as not to cause any sensitivity in the skin. Start by alternating the days you apply retinol or buffer it with our Advanced Restoring Night Cream to dilute strength and allow your skin to become used to retinol.

This ingredient is also not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Retinol should only be used and night and it is essential that you apply an SPF during the day as retinol can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.

Before and After Using Retinol

Take a look at some of our real before and afters taken by customers who used our Retinol Powerbalm Level 1 or Level 2 which contains Retinol: