Janice’s Ageing Skin Journey to Happy, Healthy Skin

Janice’s Ageing Skin Journey to Happy, Healthy Skin

Name: Janice

Skin concern: Ageing skin

Janice Before and After Ageing Skin Journey

Janice’s Ageing Skin Journey

Like many others, as we age, skin feels less supple, drier and looks duller. During Janice's skin consultation, she told us that her skin was lacklustre, felt rough to the touch and was showing signs of ageing.

Our skincare consultant analysed Janice’s skin and recommended a few products to address and treat her skin concerns. After only 3 weeks, Janice said her skin felt smoother and after 6 weeks, commented that her skin looked brighter and plumped.

Best Treatment Plan for Dry, Ageing Skin

Janice was prescribed a personalised skincare routine, specifically to address her skin concerns and asked to take pictures of her skin before starting the products, at 3 weeks to check in on the progress and at 6-8 weeks to see the results. Let’s take a look at the routine Janice followed to get her results.

Janice's skincare routine for ageing skin

Step 1: Cleanse

As Janice had mentioned that one of her concerns was dry skin, we recommended she use the Revitalising Cleanser for her AM and PM cleanse. The Revitalising Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for those with dry and sensitive skin as it gently removes make-up and impurities whilst soothing any irritation and hydrating the skin. Sometimes those with dry skin struggle to pick a cleanser that won’t further dry out or leave the skin feeling tight and itchy, so this cream cleanser is the perfect product.

Skincare expert tip:

This is a cream cleanser that can be removed with either cotton pads or a damp face cloth depending on preference.

Step 2: Tone

The next step we recommended for Janice’s skincare routine was to add a Toner to her AM and PM routine. Adding a toner to your daily routine isn’t just another step to tick of the list, toner helps to add another level of hydration, brighten skin and infuses skin with essential nutrients for a healthy skin barrier.

The Revitalising Toner is a great step for those suffering with dry and dull skin as it has been formulated with Sodium PCA to deliver the ultimate skin hydration, Vitamin C to brighten skin and Cucumber to soothe and irritation and redness.

Skincare expert tip:

A great tip for this product is to pop it in your bag and reapply to skin throughout the day to give skin a boost of hydration when it needs a boost or feels tight.

Step 3: Serum

Janice has smoked for many years which can leave skin looking dull and fine lines more prominent. Janice was recommended the Vitamin C Elixir to incorporate into her morning routine to help with the signs of ageing she was experiencing. Vitamin C is a hero ingredient to promote collagen production leaving skin plumper, brighter skin and leaves fine lines and wrinkles reduced. With it’s oil like texture, this product is perfect for not only brightening Janice’s dull skin but will leave skin feeling smoother in texture also.

Skincare expert tip:

At SKINICIAN we thrive on creating multifunctional products that you can add into your routine, so we recommend this product is applied to freshly cleansed and toned skin under your SPF in the morning or in the evening apply on top of your night cream. This product can also be added to a face mask, by adding 1-2 drops, for extra skin glow.

In her evening routine, Janice was told to incorporate the Overnight Retinol Powerbalm. Retinol speeds up cell renewal and collagen production to leave ageing skin plumped and renewed, helping to reduce signs of ageing. Due to retinol being able to resurface the skin, it acts as an exfoliant, leaving skin feeling and looking smoother.

Step 4: Moisturise

Ageing skin tends to produce less oil, leaving skin drier and needing supplemented with daily moisturisation. Janice was given the Revitalising Day Moisturiser which is perfect for those suffering from dry, dull skin. Enriched with B Glucans to provide instant and long lasting hydration, locking in moisture for 12 hours, proven to increase skin hydration by 25% and skin softness by up to 21% making it an effective ingredient for Janice’s skin concerns.

Another great feature of this Daily Moisturiser is it has a built in SPF30 meaning skin is protected from UV rays, helping to slow down signs of ageing.

Advanced Restoring Night Cream was also recommended to Janice to help restore and replenish her skin whilst she slept. At the start of the process we also recommended that Janice buffered her Overnight Retinol Powerbalm with this night cream in order to ensure there was no damage or irritation to the skin barrier, until her skin could tolerate the retinol on its own.

Step 5: Treatments

Some other products recommended to Janice to help address her skin concerns were:

Advanced Eye Repair to plump fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area, whilst hydrating the area. This formula is infused with active ingredients such as our special EyeRevite™ to reduce puffiness and speed up collagen production, while our Hydra Advance™ complex locks in moisture to leave skin replenished and plumped. It also contains nourishing shea butter, to moisturise and protect the skin barrier, while cooling cucumber refreshes and soothes, working to combat tired eyes.

Revitalising Repair Mask is another great addition to Janice’s routine as it helps to deeply moisturise skin leaving it brighter and smoother. Formulated with Environmental Defence Matrix, this mask is proven to protect the skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals, UV rays and carbon particles combined with allantoin to support skin barrier function. 


Janice’s Ageing Skincare Journey Before and After

Check out Janice's Ageing skin journey below.

Week 1 & 6 before and after comparison

Janice's ageing skin before and after

Janice's ageing skin before and after

Janice's ageing skincare journey quote

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