What is Environmental Defence Matrix™?

Environmental Defence Matrix™ is a unique blend of Biosaccharide Gum-4 and 1,2-Hexanediol. This complex is a polysaccharide which forms a film over the skin or hair to protect against pollution and prevent damage caused by pollution.

Environmental Defence Matrix™ is clinically proven to protect from multiple types of environmental damage caused by free radicals, UV Rays and carbon particles.

Skin benefits of Environmental Defence Matrix™

Environmental Defence Matrix™ is an innovative multi-protective matrix that is:

Proven to shield skin from three types of environmental damage and provide over 46% protection against carbon particles (vs a placebo cream)

Proven to provide a reduction of oxidative stress (signs of ageing) by 16% in 48 hours

Proven to reduce mitochondrial toxicity by 68% in 48 hours. The mitochondria is the cells energy centre and if damaged the cell cannot function correctly

Proven to reduce lipid peroxidation by 26% in 48 hours. Lipds make up many components of the skin which when damaged, causes the skin to become inflamed

Proven to protect skin from atmospheric metals and pollutants caused by smoking by up to 95%

  • The above images were taken during a clinical trial and show how the skin becomes shielded from the environment after application of Environmental Defence Matrix™ (Glycofilm) compared with the the placebo cream.

Why We Use Environmental Defence Matrix™

“We wanted to protect the skin against daily pollutants with a clinically proven blend that can combat the signs of ageing and that feels amazing on the skin. I believe this is a true multi-tasking ingredient that repairs and protects the skin’s barrier.  Environmental Defence Matrix can be found in our Revitalising Repair Mask - a must-have mask for anyone conscious of the damage that everyday pollutants can cause.” - Shelley Martin, Co-Founder & New Product Development Lead

    Environmental Defence Matrix™ Skincare Products

    Who Environmental Defence Matrix™ Is Best For

    Great for dull, tired skin or those with visible skins of ageing. Due to its ability to form a protective layer that fights against daily pollutants, Environmental Defence Matrix™ is great for those with sensitive skin types, anyone who lives or works in highly polluted areas or for smokers. Our customers also love to use this mask as a quick fix after a late night to restore and brighten the skin.

    A pro tip from SKINICIAN - if you have combination skin, you can multi-mask with our Revitalising Repair Mask and our Purifying Mask. Use the Purifying Mask on areas of oiliness and breakouts and apply the Revitalising Repair Mask everywhere else to protect and soothe your skin.

    Before and After Using Environmental Defence Matrix™

    Take a look at the below image from customers who used our Revitalising Repair Mask which is formulated with Environmental Defence Matrix™: