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SKINICIAN Gift Sets & Bundles

We have put together some amazing priced gift sets and bundles so you can use the skincare you love at an affordable price. We have skincare bundles for every one - acne prone, sensitive, oily, dry, ageing. If you need help choosing, take a look at our handy guide below.


Acne Bundle

For those who suffer from acne and breakouts, this bundle helps to reduce oil production, repair the skin and unclog pores, leaving skin looking visibly calmer and clearer.

Advanced Starter Kit

For those concerned with the signs of ageing, fine lines or wrinkles, then this bundle has all the products you need to leave skin looking plumped, more radiant and fine lines visibly reduced.

Body Bundle

Suitable for all skin types, our Body Bundle leave tired, dry skin looking glowing and radiant in two simple steps.

Combination Bundle

Suffer from oily and dry skin? Then this combination of products is perfect for you. Leaving skin visibly mattified, radiant and hydrated, this combination bundle targets a multitude of skin concerns in a few simple products.

Dry Skin Bundle

Suffering from Dry, dehydrated skin? This bundle of products helps to nourish, protect and soothe dry skin leaving it brighter and more radiant.

Oily Skin Bundle

The perfect bundle of products for those with an oily skin type. Products that help to reduce sebum production, mattify skin and hydrate, leaving skin looking and feeling healthier.

Revitalising Starter Kit

The perfect starter kit for those with normal, sensitive or dry skin, these products work to hydrate, soothe and protect skin, leaving skin less inflamed, brighter and more radiant.

Sensitive Skin Bundle

For those who suffer from sensitive skin, we have brought it back to basics in the bundle to help soothe and repair the skin barrier.