Our AM PM Skincare Routine Guide breaks down the fundamental skincare products to use in your morning and evening skincare routine and the right order to apply them in. But how much of each skincare product should you actually be applying?

While there may not be one size fits all when it comes to skincare routines, there are some rules when it comes to the amount of each product that you should apply. Apply too much and you'll be waiting a lot longer for your products to absorb and you'll also use up your skincare products more quickly than you should (not good for the bank balance or the environment!). Apply too little of a product such as SPF and your skin won't be protected from harmful UV rays, which in turn can cause longer term damage. 

So how much should you be using? We're breaking it down with this simple guide so you know exactly how much of each product to apply whether it's for your morning or night time routine.


Your cleanser removes makeup, oil and dirt from your skin and removes impurities to leave your skin clean. We recommend using approximately a 10p or 10c size amount to ensure that you use enough product to easily cleanse your face and neck.

When cleansing make sure to do a double cleanse to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleaned. To double cleanse, cleanse using a 10p size amount, rinse off, and follow with a second cleanse using another 10p size amount. 



SKINICAN Toners come in a handy spray bottle to make applying your toner super easy. We recommend using 3 pumps of your chosen toner for adequate application.

There are 3 ways you can apply our toners; by spritzing directly onto the face, by spraying into your hands and then pressing onto the skin or by applying to a cotton pad first. (However it's worth knowing there will be some product wastage when applying to a cotton round as it will absorb some of the toner)



How often you use Retinol depends on your skins tolerance to it. With Retinol it is very important that you introduce it gradually into your skincare routine to avoid irritation. We recommend applying 2 to 3 pumps of SKINICAN Retinol products in the evening. You can also buffer it by mixing with your Night Cream while your skin is adapting to Retinol (1 part Retinol to 3 parts Night Cream.) Check out our guide on everything you need to know about Retinol for more information on how to use this wonder ingredient.



Serums are packed with a high number of active ingredients for maximum results. For this reason, you can use less serum than some might expect.

We recommend applying a pea size amount of your chosen serum after your toner. Just make sure to give it a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin before applying your moisturiser.



Using the correct amount of moisturiser is important to ensure you provide your skin with the hydration it needs. It is also important when applying your day moisturiser to ensure that you are getting maximum protection against harmful and damaging UV rays.

In the evening and on a typical day when you will only be in and out of the sun, apply a 5p / 2c size amount of your moisturiser. However on days when you will be in the sun for pro-longed periods of time, we recommend applying approximately a teaspoon amount of your Day Moisturiser with SPF. You should then reapply this every 2 hours for maximum protection.


Eye Cream

As this skin around the eye area is much thinner than on other areas of the face, it's important to take a less is more approach with your eye cream. Eye creams also tend to be full of active ingredients so you'll still see great results from just a small amount of product.

We recommend using an amount approximately the size of a single grain of rice per eye.

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We're often used to seeing images of a thick layer of face masks being applied to the skin however in reality, this amount of product is not necessary. You should be able to see the mask on your skin however there is no need to apply a thick layer in order for maximum effectiveness. We recommend applying a 50p/€2 size amount. 



When it comes to your exfoliator, we recommend applying a 10p or 10c size amount to your skin and gently working it over the skin in circular motions. Remember that you should only exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times per week to avoid over-exfoliation. 

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