New Product Alert: Meet our Hyaluronic Elixir

New Product Alert: Meet our Hyaluronic Elixir

A Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Elixir formulated to intensely hydrate and smooth skin. 

Quench your skin with our fragrance-free elixir, formulated with three weights of Hyaluronic Acid, plumping Hyaluronic Spheres similar to the effect of dermal fillers for an instant filling effect, Sodium Hyaluronate proven to increase skin hydration by up to 25% within 2 hours and Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid proven to reduce wrinkle depth in 4-8 weeks. 


Sodium Hyaluronate (Medium Molecular Weight)

This wonder ingredient is said to be the most effective weight of Hyaluronic Acid as it is proven to increase skin hydration by 25% in two hours. It is not absorbed following application, instead it forms a thin, light, protective surface film that boosts moisture on the surface on the skin, in turn helping skin to retain moisture. 

Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid (Lower Molecular Weight)

This weight of HA has been broken down into elements small enough to penetrate the skin, giving long term hydration. It has been proven to stimulate the skin’s natural production of Hyaluronic Acid within 24 hours for incredible skin hydration whilst plumping wrinkles from the lower levels in just 4 weeks. This weight of HA is a benefit to skin as it is penetrating the lower levels of the dermis helping to add hydration and soothe inflammation at a lower level. 


Hyaluronic Spheres (Higher Molecular Weight)​

Unique cross-linked polysaccharide made from fermentation-derived Hyaluronic acid. It contributes instantly to the reduction of facial fine lines and wrinkles as well as increasing the elasticity of the skin.​ This type of HA has super hydrating properties proven to increase skin hydration, reduce skin toughness and wrinkle depth. This type of HA has been known to support skin barrier function which is great for those with drier skin types as it helps to soothe and support a healthier barrier function.

 Diane's before and after using Hyaluronic Elixir

Hyaluronic Elixir

This powerful serum attracts up to 1000x its weight in water binding moisture to the skin’s barrier and our Hyaluronic Elixir has been developed with three different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, skin loving Aloe Vera and Glycerin, a powerful skin smoothing and hydrating formula for Happy, Healthy Skin. 

Hyaluronic Elixir

Lock in long-lasting moisture with our most intensive hydrating serum yet. Developed to increase skin hydration, improve skin smoothness and reduce signs of ageing whilst supporting and repairing the skins natural barrier. 


Who is the Hyaluronic Elixir suitable for?

Suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive or rosacea prone skin due to the fragrance-free formula. For best results apply the Hyaluronic Elixir to damp skin and allow this super hydrator to work its magic. 

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