Pregnancy Skincare - Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Skincare - Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

Name: Cathy 

Age: 36 years old 

Skin type: hormonal – pregnant 

I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have always had a good skincare routine - however at the start of my pregnancy I wasn't exactly the A+ student, between feeling unwell and exhausted, my daily routine went out the window. My holy grail product during this time was the Revitalising Toner, it was a god send as I was constantly spritzing my skin, it was sooo refreshing and hydrating. It really hydrated my skin as I definitely found my skin dryer at the start of my pregnancy. 

 During the first trimester my daily routine consisted of a quick cleanse (Revitalising Cleanser) in the shower, Revitalising Toner and the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream. 

Once I got to my 2nd trimester, I was starting to feel human again and had lots of energy so I was able to dedicate a bit more time to my skincare routine. My routine became my me time as I work full time in a very busy environment. 

AM Routine - I cleansed (Revitalising Cleanser), toned (Revitalising Toner), applied the Advanced Calming Serum- hero product for my cooling my rosy Irish cheeks, Advanced Eye Repair and Advanced Time Delay Day Cream which has the SPF 30 built in which is super important. 

PM routine - I do the exact same routine except I swap out the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream for the Advanced Restoring Night Cream.  

Once a week I use the Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Peel and the Revitalising Repair Mask as my little pamper session along with the SKINICIAN Body lotion on my bump. I did add the Purifying Mask in every now and again when I got a hormonal breakout mainly on my chin. 

The one product that I do miss in my routine is the Ageless Overnight Retinol Power Balm; this is my go to product for anti-ageing and who doesn't want that! However, it is unsuitable to use during pregnancy due to the retinol, but hubby knows where to pick me up a bottle as soon as baby comes.  

My skin in general during pregnancy has been fab and I can honestly say it's all down to my routine that was given specifically to me from my local SKINICIAN salon. I have been using SKINICIAN for 5 years now and I would never change!  

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