Benefits of Night Cream and Why You Should Use It

Benefits of Night Cream and Why You Should Use It

Navigating the world of skincare can be puzzling, especially when it comes to the ideal application times. Moisturiser is your go-to for the day, while night cream lives up to its name, working wonders as you sleep. Continue reading to unravel the distinctions and advantages of both.

The difference between day cream and night cream

Day cream:

Day creams or day moisturisers are designed for daytime use and boast a lighter texture to avoid feeling heavy on the skin. This makes them ideal for seamless make-up application. Their primary function is hydration and skin safeguarding. The inclusion of SPF in day creams contributes to shielding your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, providing essential protection during daylight hours and helping to protect against skin ageing.

Night cream:

Night creams with their thicker texture, cater to your skin's enhanced ability to absorb nutrients during the night. Beyond providing deep hydration, they play a vital role in actively supporting the natural repair and regeneration processes your skin goes through while you sleep. The rich formulation of night creams ensure your skin receives the nourishment it needs for optimal rejuvenation.

Why you need night cream as well as day cream

While day moisturisers focus on hydrating and protecting your skin throughout the day, night moisturisers play a crucial role in providing the necessary support for your skin's repair and regeneration processes as you sleep. The combination of both addresses both protective and reparative aspects, ensuring your skin remains resilient and healthy around the clock.

Seasonal Adaptation: Night Cream During the Day

In the harshest winter weather, embracing the use of night cream during the day becomes a strategic move for added protection. Layer it over your daily SPF day cream to create a robust shield, further safeguarding your skin from the harsh elements and effectively combating the challenging effects of winter conditions. This quick fix ensures your skin receives the comprehensive care it needs during adverse weather.

What does night cream do?

As the night unfolds, our skin undergoes natural processes that include a loss of moisture, emphasising the critical need for effective hydration. Night creams become a key player, working to address this moisture loss. This is why effective night creams should contain hydration boosting ingredients such as Botanical Beta-Glucans for effective moisturisation of the skin. Their role extends beyond hydration, as they seal in the essential moisture, creating a protective barrier that prevents further loss during the night.

What sets night creams apart is their formulation enriched with essential ingredients, such as the powerhouse Regenacell™. Tailored for optimal performance during the night, these ingredients supercharge skin cells, sparking a regeneration process that goes beyond surface-level benefits. The outcome is not just hydrated skin but a transformative experience for your complexion. The next morning reveals a soft and revitalised complexion, ensuring your skin is ready to face a new day with vibrancy and resilience.

How to apply night cream

Step 1: Cleanse

Night time routine woman cleansing her face

Kickstart your evening skincare ritual with a thorough double cleanse. Begin by removing makeup and residual impurities from your skin and follow up with a second cleanse to let the active ingredients work their magic and effectively treat your skin concerns.

Step 2: Tone

Night time routine woman spritzing toner on her face

After cleansing, spritz your toner across your face in a gentle arc. This additional layer not only refreshes but also presents a cascade of benefits, calming your skin and preparing it for moisturisation. 

Step 3: Apply Serum/Retinol

Night time routine woman applying retinol serum

Following the cleansing and toning ritual, elevate your routine by applying an effective serum and/or retinol product. Serums infuse your skin with a concentrated dose of active ingredients, while retinol, a potent derivative of Vitamin A, targets acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Layering these powerhouse products works synergistically with your circadian rhythm, fostering a transformative journey for your skin as it repairs and rejuvenates during the night.

Step 4: Apply Eye Cream

Night time routine woman applying eye cream

Integrate an eye cream into your nightly routine, providing targeted care for specific concerns such as ageing, dark circles, or puffiness. Packed with active ingredients suited for the delicate eye area, an eye cream ensures focused attention and rejuvenation while you sleep.

Step 5: Night Cream

Night time routine woman applying night cream

Seal the nighttime ritual with a restoring night cream on your face, neck and chest. Using clean fingertips, gently massage the cream in upward and circular motions. Beyond enhancing absorption, this massage promotes circulation, leaving your skin not just nourished but also rejuvenated.

How Skincian’s Night Cream Transformed Julie’s Skin

"My skin feels smooth, firm, and healthy. I'm thrilled with the results and have truly enjoyed taking some time for self-care. Establishing a routine has genuinely given me the opportunity to pamper both myself and my skin."

After struggling with signs of ageing on her skin and being frustrated by a multitude of ineffective products with complicated routines that clashed with her busy life, Julie discovered a renewed sense of hope following a complimentary consultation with SKINICIAN skincare experts.   

Feeling confident, Julie implemented a tailored morning and night skincare routine designed specifically for her skin type and concerns. She was prescribed various products, including Overnight Retinol Powerbalm and Restoring Night Cream. Julie witnessed remarkable results in just 4 weeks – achieving a smooth, radiant complexion and firm skin:

Night cream case study Julie before and after transformation

What are the benefits of night cream?

Benefit 1 – Skin Hydration

Night cream provides essential hydration, replenishing moisture levels during the night. Its rich formulation ensures deep nourishment, preventing dryness and leaving your skin supple and moisturised.

Benefit 2 – Skin Repair

Night cream actively contributes to the repair of your skin. Packed with potent ingredients, it aids in healing and rejuvenating damaged skin cells, promoting a smoother and healthier complexion.

Benefit 3 – Cell Regeneration

Promoting cell regeneration is a key benefit of night cream. While you sleep, your skin undergoes a natural renewal process, and night cream supports this by encouraging the growth of new, vibrant skin cells.

Benefit 4 – Moisture loss Prevention

One of the primary advantages of night cream is its ability to prevent moisture loss. By forming a protective barrier, it locks in essential hydration, ensuring your skin retains moisture throughout the night, combating dryness, and promoting overall skin well-being.

The ingredients to look out for in night cream

image of regenacell
Regenacell™ is a powerhouse ingredient that harmonises with your circadian rhythm, elevating your cellular energy by an impressive 65%, synchronising with your body's natural nightly repair processes. By stimulating cell growth and oxygen uptake during this crucial time, Regenacell™ optimises your skin's performance, effectively combating signs of ageing.

Image of skincare bottle on lemons
Vitamin E works effectively during the night by taking advantage of the body's natural repair and regeneration processes that occur while you sleep. This potent antioxidant contributes to a resilient and healthy complexion, combating external stressors for a radiant glow.

Ingredient powerhouse Botanical Beta-Glucans

Botanical Beta-Glucans - an innovation that works tirelessly while you sleep. Proven to be as effective as hyaluronic acid, it expertly holds moisture in the skin, promoting a remarkable increase in skin softness by up to 21% and hydration by up to 25%.

More night cream questions answered

What age should you start using night cream?

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure” and collagen production can start declining in your mid-twenties. We suggest incorporating a night cream into your skincare routine from your early twenties to help bolster the natural repair and regeneration processes that take place, helping to maintain a youthful complexion.

Is Night Cream the same as moisturiser?

The difference between night cream and moisturiser is that night cream is to be applied and worn during the night. Night creams have been formulated to work with your skin’s natural circadian rhythm so it can thoroughly repair and hydrate the skin while you sleep.

How do I choose a good night cream?

Assess Your Skin Type

Determine whether your skin leans towards oily, dry, sensitive, or normal. Tailoring your night cream to your specific skin type ensures optimal effectiveness.

Key Ingredients Matter

Look for night creams enriched with powerhouse ingredients such as Regenacell™, Vitamin E, and Botanical Beta-Glucans. These elements address specific skincare concerns, from promoting cellular regeneration to providing antioxidant protection and efficient moisturisation.

Read Reviews and Expert Opinions

Delve into user reviews to gain insights into the real experiences of individuals with similar skin concerns. Additionally, seek recommendations/ Consultations from skincare experts who can offer valuable guidance based on their expertise.

Consider Specific Skincare Concerns

Identify any particular skincare concerns you want to address, whether it's combating signs of ageing, boosting hydration, or soothing sensitivity. Choosing a night cream designed to target your specific concerns enhances its effectiveness.

Trial and Observation:

Night creams may take time to reveal their full benefits. Consider starting with a smaller size or sample to trial the product before committing. Observe how your skin responds over time, noting any positive changes or adjustments needed.

How long does it take for night cream to work?

The effectiveness of night cream varies from person to person, influenced by individual factors and specific skincare concerns. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, you can generally anticipate noticeable improvements in skin texture and hydration within four weeks of consistent use. Patience is key, as long-term benefits often unfold gradually, contributing to a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion over time.

Can I use night cream every day?

Yes, incorporating night cream into your daily skincare routine is crucial for optimal results. Nightly application supports the skin's natural repair processes, maximising the benefits of the cream. Consistency is key to achieving and maintaining healthy, nourished skin. Make it a nightly ritual to ensure your skin receives the continuous care it needs for long-term improvement.

How long should I leave night cream on my face?

While it's perfectly fine to apply night cream in the early evening and leave it on until morning, the key is to allow it to fully absorb into your skin, penetrating the skin layers before bedtime. In the morning, kickstart your day by washing off the night cream as part of your morning skincare routine.

What SKINICIAN Night Cream would you recommend?

SKINICIAN Advanced Restoring Night Cream - suitable for all skin types, not only hydrates but also revitalises your skin cells, combating signs of ageing for a radiant complexion. This dedicated moisture-restoring cream contains a replenishing cocktail of key ingredients designed to supercharge skin cells, leaving your skin soft, plump, and glowing the next morning.


Benefits of Night Cream and Why You Should Use It


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