Skincare for skin that is ageing

Skincare for skin that is ageing

Name: Linda 

Skin type: Mature 

Being a pale skinned redhead, with very sensitive skin, I religiously used SPF to protect my skin on holidays, so I thought that I was protecting my skin from sun damage and my skin would be less wrinkled than some of my sun worshipping friends. But what I didn’t realise until several years ago, was that my skin needed protection everyday not just on hot days at home or whilst on foreign holidays. I discovered the SKINICIAN’s Advanced Time Delay Day Cream contains SPF 30 and now this is my go-to product to protect my skin 365 days a year. I even got my best friend to use it on our holidays last year instead of suncream. It is super hydrating with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E and does not clog your skin like some other day creams for mature skin. 

Entering my fifties, my skin is changing due to the fluctuating hormone levels. With hot flushes and night sweats, my skin is experiencing breakouts and redness, plus my already sensitive skin has become super sensitive. Advanced Calming Serum is a godsend, reducing the redness and sensitivity whilst soothing my skin. Also, sometimes when I feel hot and bothered, spritz some Revitalising Toner to cool and refresh my skin. Very refreshing. 

Whilst I use the Revitalising Cleanser and Toner, I mostly use all the products from the Advanced System. I love the way that all the products complement each other, and you can mix and match products according to how your skin is at the time.  

A few times a week, I use the Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Cleanser or the Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Peel. The fruit acids and enzymes help to remove the dull dead skin cells, leaving my skin silky soft and refreshed. It feels like a deep clean facial at home. 

My most recent purchase is the new Ageless Peptide Eye Complex, and if the before and after pictures and testimonials are anything to go by, this may become my new favourite SKINICIAN Product. Watch this space! 

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