Dealing with Maskne

Dealing with Maskne

What is Maskne?

Mask-induced acne – known as Maskne - is the term given to an outbreak of acne type lesions on the face, generally found around the mouth and nose area, as a result of wearing a face mask for an extended period of time.
There are four contributing factors to the development of acne type breakouts on the skin.
  1. Excess oil

  2. A build up of dead skin cells

  3. The skin’s inability to secrete the excess oil and skin cells out of the follicle

  4. The Propionibacterium (the type of bacteria that is found to cause breakouts). These issues are normally caused by genetics but can be induced by lifestyle, stress, hormones and friction.

The reason we are seeing a huge rise in acne is due to the friction caused when wearing a face mask or visor. This increase of friction is causing a rise in the amount of skin being shed from the skin’s surface; unfortunately due to the mask/visor these skin cells have no where to go so they sit on the skin clogging the follicles. Add in heat caused by wearing face coverings and the additional skin secretions such as sweat, along with the natural oil the skin produces and we have the perfect breeding ground for Propionibacterium. So how does acne form? Follicles become inflamed and congested, the bacteria multiplies, the skin tries to rid itself of the bacteria by injecting white blood cells in the affected area, histamine is released, the skin becomes further irritated and then the pustule appears.     


Top tips to deal with Maskne?

  • Double Cleanse your skin morning and night to ensure all dirt, make-up and bacteria are being removed from the skin.

  • Use a clay face mask such as the SKINICIAN Purifying Mask, as this helps to draw out any impurities from the skin, refines pores and helps to calm inflammation and redness. A clay mask really helps to clear congested skin.

  • The SKINICIAN Advanced Calming Serum is a hero product when treating spots and acne as this product helps to calm red and inflamed skin.

  • If you can avoid wearing make-up or heavy make-up under your mask, this will prevent further blockage of the pores, letting the skin breathe as best as possible.

  • Ensure to throw out disposable masks after each wear or if wearing a fabric mask, choose one that fits correctly and wash regularly.

  • See your SKINICIAN Therapist for a targeted treatment or homecare advice as it may differ from above slightly. We believe everyone’s skin is different, we all have one skin type but can have up to 5 different skin conditions at any one-time homecare should be adjusted accordingly for best results.


Recommended Skincare Routine to deal with Maskne:

For more information on dealing with skin conditions such as maskne, please feel free to contact us on social media or contact your local SKINICIAN salon for more advice.

What is an Enzyme Peel?

An Enzyme Peel is a type of Chemical Exfoliation that works by applying the product to the skin like a face mask and leaving it on for between 5-15 minutes depending on skin's tolerance.

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