Bridal Skincare Advice You NEED To Know About

Bridal Skincare Advice You NEED To Know About

Every bride-to-be has a checklist for the big day. Once the planning is over, invitations sent and dress secured, many brides start to think about how to achieve perfect, glowing skin on their wedding day.

Although a common mistake, leaving your wedding day skincare regime to the end of your checklist could cause you unnecessary stress and stop you from achieving the ultimate glow. SKINICIAN's Skincare expert Linsey Fenwick has answered the most common wedding skincare questions.

How early should I start my wedding skincare regime?

If you are someone with little or no skincare routine then it’s really important to invest in a core routine as soon as possible!

If you aren't sure of your skin type and needs, I'd recommend visiting a skin therapist about 6 months before your wedding day. They will advise you on the best course of treatments to have your skin looking its best. If you are someone with very few skin issues, a short course of six treatments once per month on the lead up to the wedding will ensure you have luminous, healthy skin as you walk down the aisle. 

If you experience more problematic skin, you may need a more intense course of treatments along with some maintenance treatments to achieve healthy, happy skin for your big day. This could consist of some skin peeling treatments which you’ll want to book in a few months before your wedding to allow your skin time to recover.

What products should I incorporate into my wedding regime and why?

Every bride’s skin is different and will need a slightly different skincare routine, however, most want healthy glowing skin so to achieve this we would advise brightening and hydrating products.

Start by introducing a good cleanse, tone, moisturise routine (including an eye cream) and establish this for around three to four weeks. If the skin is responding, well your next step is to add exfoliation and masks.

We advise masking two or three times a week for best results. Regular exfoliation will help to brighten and hydrate skin while working to reduce and control breakouts, if you are experiencing any. Post-exfoliation is the perfect time to apply a mask as a lot of dry, dead skin has been removed, making it easier for the mask to deliver its active ingredients into the skin.

Masking regularly will boost skin radiance, increase hydration, soothe irritation and protect from environmental damage. Over time you can continue to grow your home care routine to include serums and balms.

The SKINICIAN Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Cleanser is a very quick, easy and effective way to introduce mild daily exfoliation into your routine. This product is formulated with a blend of fruit acids and enzymes that effectively remove dulling skin cells, revealing glowing skin beneath- ensuring that your skin looks bright and healthy for your wedding day.

For maximum hydration, we advise layering serums and moisturisers. Look for actives such as Vegetable Collagen, Botanical B Glucans, Hydra Advance, Pentavitan and Hyaluronic Acid. SKINICIAN’S Advanced Firming Serum, Advanced Time Delay Cream and Advanced Restoring Night Cream work together to firm, hydrate, and protect skin for the ultimate wedding glow.  

Wedding Skin Must-Haves


Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Cleanser £29,  

Purifying Vitamin C Toner Spray £19.95

Time Delay SPF30 Day Cream £42

Firming Serum £53.50

Restoring Night Cream £42

Purifying Mask £27

How far in advance should I get a Salon treatment?

For some brides, all the intensive treatments should be completed two weeks before the wedding, meaning that on the last week leading up to the big day they can receive a treatment to maximise hydration- this treatment could be completed mid-week.

This approach is best if you have skin that can be a little unpredictable as it reduces the risk of sensitivity or breakouts on the big day. For more tolerant skin the last peeling treatment could be received around six or seven days before the wedding.

Real Bride Case Study

Alana, 25 - Nurse & Student Mid Wife

Wedding Date
1st of July 2021

As a busy student midwife and full-time nurse during a global pandemic Alana's skin was suffering. Worried and stressed about how this will look on the wedding day she trusted SKINICIAN with her wedding skincare prep. Now 5 weeks out from her wedding date her skin has never looked and felt better.


March 2021 skin issues
Extremely dry, dehydrated skin with sore angry breakouts.

June 2021
Alana's skin is now healthy, breakout free and hydrated. She officially has the glow every bride dreams of. 

Alana said
"As a bride to be planning a wedding in a pandemic, working for the NHS and training as mid wife it's safe to say it's been a busy year. My skin was dry, flaky and breaking out uncontrollably. I had to find something that was easy, quick and actually worked. 

After using SKINICIAN for a few weeks I noticed my skin began to heal, become more hydrated and my breakouts seemed to settle. At the 4 week point I couldn't believe my results. I feel so wedding ready and confident in my own skin now and without SKINICIAN I definitely wouldn't have looked of felt this way. I now swear by it."

Alan used the Revitalising system and Advanced System following the recommended usage.