Rachel's Skin Journey: Dull / Ageing skin

Rachel's Skin Journey: Dull / Ageing skin

At SKINICIAN we believe in creating multifunctional products that give our customers real results in a matter of weeks. As we age cell turnover slows down and dead skin cells remain on the surface for longer this is why ageing skin appears dull, dry and fine lines begin to appear on the surface. 

This skin journey follows Rachel as she treats her dull ageing skin with SKINICIAN skincare products.

Name: Rachel

Age: 40's 

Skin concern: Ageing skin - Dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles

Rachel applied for the program to target the signs of ageing appearing on her skin. Her main aims were to fade fine lines and brighten and tighten her skin. 

After a detailed consultation with SKINICIAN's skincare expert Lindsey Fenwick, a morning and night skincare routine was established. For the next 4-6 weeks Rachel used her recommended routine and in just 4 weeks here are her results.

What can speed up the ageing process on the skin?

- Environmental factors

- Sun exposure

- Dryness on the skin

- Lifestyle (diet, stress)

Rachel's Ageing / Dull Skincare Plan

After Rachel met with SKINICIAN Skincare Expert Lindsey, she followed an anti-ageing and brightening skincare routine. Rachels routine features some of the best anti-ageing products.

Rachel saw a visible reduction in fine lines on her forehead, jowls and neck. She noticed her under eye area brighten and her skin overall appearing brighter. One of the best anti-ageing products she used was our Ageless Overnight Powerbalm Level 1. This Retinol night cream treated and reversed signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and can reboot skin function to aid resurfacing leading to brighter skin. 

Here are the skincare steps Rachel took to achieve these results:

Step 1 Cleanse (day & night)

Revitalising Cleanser 

The Revitalising Cleanser helped clean Rachel's skin without drying it out. A common factor in speeding up the ageing process is dry skin. Treating this keeps skin hydrated and youthful for longer. 

Skin secret - Double cleanse morning and night for best results

Step 2 Tone

Revitalising Toner (day & night)

This toner is a refreshing lightweight spritz that keeps skin refreshed and hydrated. The handy spritz application was a winner for Rachel's busy lifestyle. 

Step 3:

Retinol Powerbalm (evening application)

SKINICIAN's Retinol Powerbalm is a multifunctional product that has a host of skin benefits for our customers. This product helped Rachel diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping her skin smooth, soft and appearing brighter. 

Step 4-

Ageless Peptide Eye Complex (day & night)

A ageless peptide eye cream with, Vitamin C and UV protection to shield against harmful UV rays throughout the day. The perfect product for reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area. This peptide eye cream for dark circles was a game changer for Rachel to brighten the under-eye area. 

Step 5 -

Firming Serum (daily)

This serum is the ULTIMATE anti-ageing serum. Formulated with our unique Advanced Lifting Complex™ that is clinically proven to smooth skin and reduce wrinkle depth. 

Step 6 -

Advanced Time Delay Day Cream (day time)

 Made with clinically proven ingredients to fight the signs of ageing and boost your skins moisture levels throughout the day. This product contains SPF30. 

Step 7 -

Advanced Restoring Night Cream (night time only application)

Rachel used this night cream to buffer the Retinol Powerbalm into her skincare routine. This is a hydrating and restoring cream that soothes and smooths the skin.

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