SKINICIAN is Elle Pearls Approved

SKINICIAN is Elle Pearls Approved

We’ve teamed up with popular beauty and lifestyle influencer Elanna better known as 'Elle Pearls' to share her SKINICIAN skincare journey with our customers.

Elanna and SKINICIAN’s skincare expert Lindsay caught up to discuss Elanna’s current skincare routine which already featured some SKINCIAN favourites.

Elanna has always loved minimalism when it comes to looking after her skin. Less is more and with her busy lifestyle balancing work, home renovations and being a mum of two little ones it's important to keep things quick easy and effective.

What were Elle’s Skin Concerns?

- Hormonal breakouts

- Controlling oil on her T-zone

- Preventing aging on the skin and managing fine lines and wrinkles

What does Elle's SKINICIAN Skincare routine look like?


Cleanse: Elanna uses the Soothing Eye Make – up remover to refresh her eyes followed by a double cleanse using the Revitalising Cleanser. This is a creamy cleansing milk that is enriched with Grape Seed oil which will gently and effectively break down and remove make – up and excess oil without stripping the skin will be left soft and supple. 

Tone: After cleansing, Elanna uses the Purifying Toner. Formulated with oil regulating Zinc PCA, Vitamin C it has been proven to reduce blackheads and control the growth of P Acne the bacteria that causes breakouts. This helps Elanna control the excess oil produced by the skin daily while also helping to control the development of hormonal acne. 

Serum: The Advanced Firming Serum complements the use of Elanna’s favourite SKINCIAN product the Ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm. Advance Lifting Complex™ and Acetyl Dipeptide in this product help strengthen and firm skin while the vegetable Collagen hydrates leaving skin smooth and soft. 

Moisturise: To hydrate the skin daily Elanna uses the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream, a perfect moisturiser to maximise hydration for a luminous youthful complexion and reduce fine lines. 


Elanna's evening routine is the same as her morning when it comes to cleansing and toning. However, after using her toner she uses the Ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm L1 / L2

These products will help slow ageing, fade pigmentation, reduce pore size and help to control breakouts. 

Elanna often pairs the Powerbalm with our Advanced Restoring Night Cream. Formulated with smoothing and softening Botanical B Glucans and Regenacell™ the Advanced Restoring Night Cream will nourish and hydrates the skin overnight. 

Elle’s Favourite Products?

 “The ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm is my all-time favourite & has been visibly reducing fine lines and stubborn scarring. Excited to start L2 over the next couple of days and to see even more improvements in my skin!”

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