Georgia's Skin Journey: Combination Skin (Acne/ Oily skin)

Georgia's Skin Journey: Combination Skin (Acne/ Oily skin)

If you are dry in some areas and oily in others you may have combination skin. This can often be a tricky skin concern to handle as treating it isn't always straightforward.

Thankfully at SKINICIAN we have the ideal skincare routine for those with combination skin. We recommend 'free falling' through a range of SKINICIAN systems and finding the perfect products to treat multiple concerns within one routine. 

This skin journey diary follows Georgia's combination skincare transformation. Georgia applied for the programme struggling to find the right balance within her skincare routine to treat the oily areas only around her nose and centre of the fore­head and dry areas over the cheeks, jaw area. Georgia also suffered from hormonal acne which she found how to treat.

What Causes Combination Skin?

A variety of factors can contribute to combination skin, but more often than not, it just comes down to the luck of the draw in terms of what you inherited from your parents. However, the types of skincare products you’re using can absolutely make it worse or even cause the problem. Georgia used a range of products that often dried out her skin. With our help we were able to find the right product balance for her combination skin

Name: Georgia

Age: 20's 

Skin concern: Combination (oily, dry, hormonal acne)

Above are snaps of Georgia's skin when she applied for the program. Georgia's main concern was the oily, acne prone skin she had developed in her adult years. These small breakouts were a concern for Georgia as her skin goal was clear skin. She also suffered with dryness and patchy skin on her cheeks. 

Georgia's Combination Skincare Plan

After a detailed consultation with SKINICIAN's skincare expert Lindsey Fenwick, a morning and night skincare routine was established. For the next 4-6 weeks Georgia used her recommended routine and in just 4 weeks here are her results.

Here are the skincare steps Georgia took to achieve these results...

Step 1 Cleanse (day & night)

Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser is perfect for oily skin; it eliminates blemishes on the skin. Georgia double cleansed with this product morning and night to ensure she keep her skin clean and clear. This product is great for soothing irritation already on the skin reducing redness and inflammation. 

Step 2 Tone

Purifying Toner (day & night)

This toner is great for those with oily or combination skin. It balances and controls oily skin. 

Step 3:

Revitalising Moisturiser

It's important to keep skin hydrated even when suffering from oily combination skin. Areas of dryness on Georgias skin were nourished by using our Revitalising moisturiser after cleansing and toning. 

Step 4: 

Retinol Powerbalm (evening application)

SKINICIAN's Retinol Powerbalm is a multifunctional product that has a host of skin benefits for our customers. This product helped Georgia's skin concerns by unclogging her pores and enabling the skin to repair itself, which can reduces breakouts and smoothes the skin. 

Step 4-


Once a week or when needed Georgia used SKINICIAN's Purifying Mask. This green clay mask allowed Georgia to soothe breakouts on the skin, reduce redness and calm inflammation. This led Georgia's skin to repair itself leaving it fresh clear and breakout free. 

Georgia is thrilled with her results in such a short space of time. If you have combination skin or you're interested in trying SKINICIAN products take our skin analyser quiz and find the correct products for your skin type/skin concern. Or read our article on oily skincare tips.

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