What to expect when getting a Professional SKINICIAN Peel

What to expect when getting a Professional SKINICIAN Peel


It's an exciting time for SKINICIAN salons across the UK and Ireland as they are back performing first-class professional treatments on their clients.


However, if you have never had a professional peel or a SKINICIAN treatment before you'll be wondering what to expect. We have outlined the process and answered some commonly asked questions to put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable ahead of your treatment. 

Preparation: How do I prepare for a Professional Peel?

It can be tricky to gauge how you should prepare your skin for a professional peel. 

7 days before your peel, ensure that you have stopped using any other form of exfoliation. That means your exfoliating cleansers, masks and scrubs should be dropped out of our skincare routine. If you are using Ageless Overnight Retinol Powerbalm L1 we recommend you stop using this product between 5 and 3 days before your peel appointment. If you are using Level 2 you will need to stop using it 7 days before your appointment.

If you are using any Retinol product and are unsure of how much Retinol is in it, you should stop using it 7 days before your peeling appointment. If you are unsure, ask your SKINICIAN therapist when booking your appointment and follow the advice given.

It is important to avoid heat treatments pre and post your SKINICIAN peel. This means no sunbeds and be aware of sun exposure. If in doubt, refer to the pre and post advise client postcard for further information.  

Expectation: What does the treatment feel like on the skin? 

With both of the SKINICIAN Professional Peels, the feeling and sensation during the treatment is very mild. The sensation can be described in a few ways - some clients will say that it feels tingly, others say prickly or mildly stingy. However it should never feel hot or like it is burning. If any of the sensations described become intense, the acid should be removed from the skin.

Some clients feel very little until the removal stage of the treatment. The addition of water during removal stimulates the action of fruit enzymes which can lead to a mild nipping sensation.

Post Treatment: After the treatment what are common skin responses?

Straight after the treatment, skin may appear red and feel a little hot this will subside after about 30 minutes and is completely normal.

Skin can be more easily stimulated for up to 1 week post-peel. This means that you may notice your skin flushing or tingling. It is also common to feel the skin a little tighter for the first few days after peeling.

After your treatment the feeling of the skin will rapidly improve. It will be softer, smoother and appear brighter with lines and wrinkles reduced. The best results are typically seen between 3 and 7 days post peel. 

Aftercare: What at-home products are best to use to maintain the results

Glycolic Peel treatment clients are given a sample of Advanced Calming serum, Advanced restoring night cream, and Facial Exfoliator

The calming serum is to address any increase in sensitivity clients experience, the Restoring Night Cream reduces any skin tightness, Facial Exfoliator can be used to buff away any loose peeling skin.

After your treatment, your SKINICIAN Therapist will advise and recommend the correct aftercare. Clients will leave the appointment with a skincare routine designed just for them which will target and treat their skin issues.

If you're ready to book your professional peel appointment use our salon locator to find your local salon.