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Sunscreen Can Block Blue Light: Here's How it Works

In today's digital era, we're constantly bombarded by blue light radiation, a type of high-energy visible light (HEV) emitted by screens on devices like TVs and smartphones, LED and fluorescent lights, as well as the sun. 

Due to its higher energy levels, blue light can penetrate deeper into the skin, potentially leading to imbalances in elasticity, melanin production, and overall skin health with repeated exposure. This light typically ranges from 380 to 500 nanometers (nm) in wavelength, known for its shorter wavelength and characteristic blue hue. 

It's crucial to note that not all sunscreens are equipped to protect against this particular type of light pollution. Throughout this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of selecting the appropriate sunscreen to provide effective protection against the potential damage inflicted by blue light radiation on the skin.

Does all sunscreen protect against blue light?

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Not all sunscreens offer comprehensive protection against blue light. While traditional sunscreens may provide broad-spectrum protection, which offers some defense against blue light due to similar wavelengths, it doesn't ensure complete coverage against all aspects of blue light.

For guaranteed protection and repair from blue light radiation, it's essential to opt for sunscreens formulated with ingredients specifically designed to block blue light, such as Niacinamide, Gossypium Herbaceum, and Iron Oxide.

How does sunscreen protect the face against blue light?

Antioxidant Protection

Antioxidant-rich ingredients like Vitamin E, Niacinamide, and Gossypium Herbaceum enhance the protective effects by neutralising free radicals generated by blue light exposure, reducing oxidative stress, and supporting skin health.

Physical Barrier

Sunscreens containing mineral filters like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide create a physical barrier on the skin's surface, refracting and dispersing blue light, preventing it from penetrating the skin's deeper layers.

Oxidative Stress Protection

Sunscreens with advanced formulations create a defence mechanism against blue light-induced oxidative stress and inflammation, helping to maintain the skin's integrity and vitality.

Anti-Aging Benefits:

Through their photoprotective properties, sunscreens help mitigate the risk of collagen degradation and skin ageing caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.

Face-Specific Formulation

The face is more sensitive than the body, so it's recommended to choose a sunscreen specifically formulated for facial use. Look for ingredients that cater to facial skin's unique needs, such as hydration, non-comedogenicity, and compatibility with makeup.

Wearing sunscreen indoors will protect you against blue light from screens.

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Whilst wearing sunscreen indoors can provide some level of protection against blue light emitted by screens and digital devices, it's important to understand that sunscreen alone may not offer comprehensive defence.

To effectively shield against blue light pollution from screens, sunscreen applied to the face should ideally have a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and be labelled as broad-spectrum with blue light protection. This ensures protection not only against UV rays but also against blue light. However, it's worth noting that traditional sunscreen formulations can feel heavy on the skin, potentially clogging pores and leaving a noticeable white cast.
As an alternative, we highly recommend opting for a moisturiser with a high SPF and specific ingredients designed to block blue light radiation. This approach provides lightweight hydration while offering broad-spectrum protection against both UV rays and blue light, without the drawbacks commonly associated with traditional sunscreen formulations. Combining sun protection with blue light-blocking ingredients in a moisturiser offers a more comfortable and effective solution for safeguarding the skin against the harmful effects of screen exposure.

An alternative to wearing sunscreen all day, every day

SKINICIAN SPF 50 Daily Defence is an ultra-lightweight moisturiser expertly crafted to shield your skin from UV rays, sun exposure, and the harmful effects of digital stressors. With added blue light protection, it offers comprehensive defence against environmental aggressors.

Infused with hydrating properties and enriched with niacinamide and Gossypium Herbaceum, SKINICIAN SPF 50 is suitable for oily and sensitive skin types, ensuring optimal protection and nourishment. Its multitasking formula not only protects but also nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and supple throughout the day.

Going beyond sun protection, this non-greasy formula fights signs of ageing while also serving as a perfect makeup primer. It ensures a smooth application and leaves no white cast, providing you with radiant and youthful-looking skin all day long.

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