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Honeymoon skin

You worked so hard to achieve the perfect skin for your wedding day, and now you want to maintain your radiant glow on honeymoon. Here are the key steps to skin survival in the sun. Consistency, Hydration and Protection!


Maintain your basic skin routine that you have been using to achieve your wedding day glow. Don’t let late nights get in the way of removing your make up before heading to bed. Drop exfoliation from your routine while you’re in the sun as it can increases the skins sensitivity to the damaging UV rays you are exposed to. Also, for all of you ‘sun worshippers’, consider staying out of the sun during peak day light hours 11am to 3pm.


Increased exposure to air conditioning, the change in water and more intense UV exposure can all leave your skin looking and feeling dehydrated. If your traveling by plane, pack your travel size products and Revitalising Repair Maskin your hand luggage. 30 minutes before the flight is due to land, clean your skin and apply the mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then remove before applying your SKINICIAN moisturiser. This will help to repair damage caused by the air conditioning on the flight by replacing lost moisture and introducing anti-oxidants to provide a fresh complexion for your honeymoon arrival. We also recommend that you pop a bottle of Revitalising Toner into your beach bag, this refreshing facial spritz leaves you feeling refreshed while you are on the go.


Probably the most important step to remember is sun protection. SKINICIAN's moisturisers all contain a broad-spectrum SPF 30 that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA will age the Skin while UVB burns. Make sure you apply enough product to your face, you will need up to 5ml’s of SPF to ensure protection. For your body make sure to apply 30ml. Always apply 30 mins before sun exposure to ensure the SPF has adsorbed and is ready to filter out UV rays. While on Honeymoon you are likely to experience higher levels of sun exposure. It can take the skin 48 hours to repair 24 hour’s worth of sun damage.  It will take 48hr’s for your skin to repair 24 hrs worth of damage. As it is unlikely you will be avoiding the sun for that length of time, you can help to protect the skins natural repair process by using our Advanced Calming Serum. Advanced Calming Serum is fortified with Gatuline, along with phytosoothing complex, these ingredients help to protect the skins natural repair process while soothing redness and inflammation caused by sun exposure.

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