Pre and Post Workout Skincare

Pre and Post Workout Skincare

Name: Diane 

Skin type: normal – active 

I am a healthy active female and have always looked after my skin. 

My daily routine starts with my prep for a run – its never very far or fast but I cannot leave the house without my skin looking or feeling good.  Someone might see me! 

I double cleanse using Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Cleanser followed by Revitalising Cleanser, spritz with Revitalising toner, lashings of Advanced Calming Serum and Advanced Time Delay Day Cream for my SPF30.  It’s critical I use SPF no matter what the weather is like.  After a sweaty run and a warm shower, I cleanse my skin with Revitalising cleanser (its just so gorgeous, and my skin feels as the name - Revitalised), Advanced Eye Repair and Advanced Firming Serum, before I again apply my Advanced Time Delay Day Cream for my SPF30.  Something else I do is lather my whole body in SKINICIAN Body Lotion, I actually massage my muscles to aid recovery from running.  This really helps me and its so luxurious on my skin. 

My evening routine includes Ageless Retinol Powerbalm followed by Advanced Restoring Night Cream. 

I am really quite religious about my skincare routine, its simple and easy and it works for me. 

On a Sunday evening – whilst ironing I do a peel – using the Advanced Pro-Radiance Enzyme Peel followed by Revitalising Repair MaskAdvanced Eye Repair and Advanced Restoring Night Cream. 

Of course I eat quite healthily, hydrate with litres of water….although I do enjoy the odd glass of wine. 

I have been using SKINICIAN for 5 years and honestly love it. 

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