Skin Concern Call Out - The Results Are In!

Skin Concern Call Out - The Results Are In!


The team at SKINICIAN wanted to put their products to the test on real people with real skin concerns to see just how effective a SKINICIAN skincare routine can be.

The call-out began in 2021 when the team created a social media campaign encouraging those who are unhappy with their skin to apply. The categories stemmed from dry/ dull skin, oily / acne-prone skin to ageing skin.

Out of the hundreds of applications, we selected participants with visible skin concerns and SKINICIAN skincare expert Lindsey provided each person with their SKINICIAN regime to carry out for 4-6 weeks.

This year we will be revealing the results from our participants and sharing there, very real, skin journey's with you. We will dive into their bespoke SKINICIAN skincare routines and provide help and advice for those suffering with similar skin issues. 

Let's take a glance at some of the key concerns and participants who took part in the SKINICIAN Skin Journey.


We will be revealing their results one by one and sharing detailed blogs about each skin concern and how they used SKINICIAN products to treat it.

Skincare Expert Lindsey Fenwick will be sharing her skin secrets and step by step guides to managing skin concerns.

If you have a skin concern why not take our quick skin analyser quiz online and find some products to help treat your skin to some well deserved TLC.