SKINICIAN’s story started in 2009. Having been salon owners mother and daughter team Hilary and Shelley found themselves facing challenges that many salons do - stocking “big brands” with extensive and over complicated ranges.


“My clients had time compressed busy lifestyles and were on the search for a skincare brand that fitted into their life and most importantly gave them the results they were looking for”.


Their passion for beauty and skin health led them onto the path of discovery. Bringing together the finest in the skincare industry - a team of skin health experts, cosmeceutical chemists, and manufacturers began the journey to create SKINICIAN.

Built on the vision of creating a professional skincare brand, consisting of a concise range of powerful, multi-functional products formulated for specific skin types and concerns.
Harnessing the power of both science and nature and spurred on by the visible results, they knew they had created something special. And today both Hilary and Shelley are at the forefront of the brand, on a pioneering journey to discover new and innovative ways of combining the finest skincare ingredients to create the most effective skincare products.