Rosacea Awareness Month

Rosacea Awareness Month

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a genetic disorder relating to the skins innate immune system and can triggered by a host of different factors, some of which we have some control over.

Please find some advice below on how to deal with rosacea.

Keep a flush blush diary

Rosacea is a progressive disorder which will continue to worsen as the skin is exposed to triggers for inflammation, some of which are common and others which are individual to you. We would suggest that you record when your skin flushes, how long you felt flushed, and what you were doing, eating or drinking at the time. This will give you insight into what is worsening the redness and inflammation you are experiencing. Common triggers would be, dairy, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, stress, illness, medication and environmental changes.

Use tepid water when cleaning your skin.

If you are using water to clean your skin, ensure that it is not to hot or cold, the blood vessels in the skin help to control the body’s temperature and when exposed to heat they dilate making the skin appear flushed. Using water that is to cold cause the vessels to snap shut; this process of dilation and constriction weakens the wall of the blood capillary causing it to become more visible and adding to the redness of your skin. Bear in mind that the same applies when showering or bathing. If water is too hot even when not in direct contact with the face it will cause the skin to flush.


When dealing with Rosacea less is often more. When we apply product to the skin the ingredients must make their way thought the skins natural defence barrier. In rosacea prone skin, this barrier is weaker and can allow product to pass into the skin too quickly. In this case the skins immune cells will stimulate causing the skin to feel hot and appear red, nerve endings are stimulated which leads to stinging and discomfort. The more ingredients the skin is exposed to, the more irritated the skin will become. Using fewer products reduces the risk of this sort of skin reaction occurring. Another key point to consider when choosing products is how heavy and oily they are, oil rich products will trap heat in the skin causing it to become more red and inflamed.

Professional treatments

When going for a facial keep them to around 45 minutes and avoid European style massage as the friction will cause irritation, a simple rule to apply at home and in the salon setting is the more is less rule.
‘Less time, Less heat, Less friction, less product.’

Laser/light treatments such as IPL work by cauterizing the blood vessels. As rosacea is genetic there is a possibility that the condition could return post treatment, so understanding how to manage your skin after the laser is extremely important.

LED is another light therapy option, some of the photons have a therapeutic effect on the skin to reduce redness and sensitivity.

Other treatment options would be things like manual lymph drainage massage, this will gently encourage lymphatic flow which will reduce the pustular appearance of skin. Cold stone therapy or galvanic current will both have a constrictive effect on the blood vessels to reduce redness and we would suggest the galvanic option would be more effective.

Medical treatment

There are some anti-biotics that have provided very effective results. They work by controlling the growth of yeast and bacteria that would ordinarily go unnoticed by the skin but in rosacea skin as the bacteria is controlled, the medication has a therapeutic effect on the skins immune system, therefore reducing the rosacea.

Rosacea Skincare Recommendations

There are some key products we would suggest for Rosacea. From SKINICIAN, take a look at:


Revitalising Cleanser, this cleanser is suitable for rosacea and can be used with or without water and contains green tea and chamomile to reduce redness.


Revitalising Toner, this toner is suitable for rosacea will leave skin hydrated and brightened.


Revitalising Day Moisturiser SPF 30 is light and absorbs easily to hydrate and protect.


Advanced Calming Serum which contains ingredients clinically proven to reduce redness and inflammation. Advanced Calming Serum feels cooling and soothing on application and should be used under your moisturiser morning and evening.