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Bridal Skincare - Skin Care for Wedding

So, it’s the week of your wedding, there’s lots of last minute things to do, everyone wants or needs to see you.  In short, you’re under pressure, the extra stress is causing your skin to breakout but it’s important that you don’t panic and definitely don’t PICK. Using SKINICIAN Pro Radiance Enzyme Cleanser which is fortified with mild fruit acids and enzymes such as passion fruit, pineapple and prickly pear, you can gently buff and polish away dry, dead cells that are clogging the skin and causing the breakouts.

Tone the skin with Purifying Toner. It is formulated with Zinc PCA to regulated oil and reduce inflammation.The Purifying Toner will reduce the existing breakouts and the pigment left behind when the breakout has cleared. It also helps to prevent further skin breakouts.

Under your SKINICIAN moisturiser apply Advanced Calming Serum, it will reduce redness and any throbbing you might be experiencing around the spot.

Finally, don’t forget to apply a Purifying Mask. Masking is a great way to deal with skin emergencies. SKINICIAN Purifying Mask contains a combination of Liquorish, Japanese Seaweed and green clays to target and soothe breakouts. If the thought of finding time to prep skin and apply a mask is adding to your stress levels, you can use it as a spot treatment and apply directly to the problem area! As soon as you feel the tingling itch of the new breakout forming on the skin pop a small amount of mask onto the spot and let it do its job to promote skin healing.

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